40% ABV

Chalfonte VSOP Grande Fine Cognac is made from white grapes grown in the Grande Champagne cru.  The Grande Champagne terroir is characterized by a maritime climate and chalky soils over limestone and sandstone.  Chalfonte is distilled, aged and blended in limited quantity in the heart of the Cognac region.

It pours to a golden honey color.  The aroma is apricot, vanilla, spice, fresh smashed grape, oak, and berry, with a floral backing.  The sweet juicy grape entry is joined by berry flavor building to a tart peak.  It fades with apricot, vanilla and cream and finishes warm, semidry, and peppery with leather, oak, licorice, and orange rind taste.  Chalfonte VSOP Grande Fine Cognac is a flavorful VSOP cognac priced more like a VS cognac.

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