Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Wheat Whiskey -
Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Wheat Whiskey 750ml
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Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Wheat Whiskey 750ml


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Created from locally grown wheat from Catskill Mountain’s, the Fearless Wheat Whiskey has been carefully distilled to capture the essence of the grain, blended with pure waters from the Catskill Mountains and aged by accelerated maturation process, resulting in a smooth, clean spirit that is incredibly easy-drinking with rich notes.

Catskill Distilling Company Fearless Company in Bethel, New York, owned by distiller Monte Sachs, is near the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. The distillery uses water from the Catskill Mountains and locally grown grains. Catskill Whiskey Company’s spirits are craft distilled and small batch. Their Fearless Wheat Whiskey is bottled at 42.5% ABV.


A mix of fruit and spices: some apples, some pear, ginger and vanilla. And something fress comes trough after a second attempt of sniffing the glass. Maybe lemon or citrus. Not sure though.


Seductive, creamy, light.


Soft, baked aromatics typical of great wheat whiskies are found here: warm buttered bread, brown spice, heather honey, and dried apricots. Full and round on the palate with sumptuous brown sugar and spice before finishing with hints of apple pie.


Full and thick taste. Some honey and chocolate.

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Fearless Wheat Whiskey is the silky and seductive neighbor you spied on through a window as she slowly peeled off her sundress  on a warm summer evening. At first glance Catskill Distilling Company Fearless whisky’s soft and pretty, but time reveals a deeper and more complex situation: a  suggestion of her naughtiness as she catches you in a mirror’s reflection followed by a tacit but silent agreement between the both of you that it’s all perfectly reasonable. Drink this whiskey with your lover.

Color: Warm Amber. Top Notes: Pear, apples, french vanilla and honeysuckle. Secondary Notes: Lemon verbena, soft char. Body: Seductive, creamy, light. Palate: Suave, silky, pears and cream, hint of honey,with a burst of spice and dark-chocolate covered oranges on the finish.

Category Whiskey
Region United States, New York
Brand Catskill Distilling Company
Alcohol/vol 42.5%

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Weight 750 lbs