Cardamaro Vino Amaro
Cardamaro Vino Amaro
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Cardamaro Vino Amaro

$70.98 $67.43

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Cardamaro Vino Amaro

Cardamaro is a longstanding product of what is today a 4th-generation winemaker in Canelli d’Asti. The primary flavors of Cardamaro Vino Amaro are cardoon and blessed thistle, with a short repose in oak for spice and and texture. Drink as a digestif. In cocktails, outstanding with cider, whiskey, or use in place of vermouth.

The secret recipe contains blessed thistle, milk thistle and artichoke leaves. These ingredients are skillfully measured out and work in concert with and enhance the properties of the cardoon. The mixture is blended with infusions obtained from a single extraction of calumba, juniper, Gentiana, Lutea berries, cloves, liquorice root, cardamom, lemon peel and marjoram.

Content: 17%
Type: Spirits
Subtype: Amaro
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardia

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