Cappelletti Pasubio Vino Amaro -
Cappelletti Pasubio Vino Amaro
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Cappelletti Pasubio Vino Amaro


One of the most beloved of Cappelletti Pasubio amari is this ode to the mountain range just south of Rovereto. Flavors of pine, blueberry, smoke, and alpine plants give a true expression of place. The deep flavors and lush texture are also the results of its preparation on a rich wine base.

Pasubio was one of the first amaro recipes built on a base of aged wine created by Guiseppe Cappelletti in the early 20th century. Notes of the old alpine style here include blueberries, strawberry confit, pine sap, and mountain herbs.

Here is a historical fun fact along with some tasting notes. Monte Pasubio in the Dolomites is famed for its road with 52 tunnels. Built by the Italian army as an alternate supply route, this road shows the Italian ingenuity to make what one has available work to his or her advantage.

This amaro serves as a regional tribute to the ingenuity of all sorts! Guiseppe Cappelletti is revered for his Italian digestif creations. The nose of this blend offers notes of tree bark, root beer, and other woody, earthy elements. The palate shows more cola notes and a light, pleasant bitterness that slowly increases through the culmination. Hints of mint also appear as the finish lingers.

If you are unsure of where to start exploring amari, you have found a great starting point without traversing a mountainous path including 52 tunnels!

Amaro Pasubio is a true taste of the Dolomite Mountains in the Trentino region. On a base of rich aged wine, you’ll find notes of blueberries, pine, and smoke, together with bitter alpine herbs. The recipe from Giuseppe Cappelletti dates back to the early 20th century and is among the Erboristeria’s first Amari. Once opened will keep for a few months, best chilled.


clear, with a deep brown color.


intense and balanced, with notes of orange peel and aromatic herbs.


full-bodied, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste and long finish.

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