Caledonia Spirits Barr Reserve Hill Gin

Caledonia Spirits Barr Reserve Hill Gin


Barr Hill Tom Cat Reserve Is Crafted By Maturing Barr Hill Gin For Three To Four Months In New American Oak Casks. “While Resting In The Barrels, The Gin Is Constantly Transforming,” Says Hardie. “The Charred Barrels Contribute To The Brown Color Of The Spirit And Give Our Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Its Complex Flavor.” Tom Cat Reserve Has Also Has Notes Of Juniper And Ginger, But Has Touches Of Caramel, Vanilla And Honey That Are Robust And Bountiful.

Caledonia Spirits named their barrel-aged gin after the black cat sign that used to hang outside pubs following Gin Acts instituted by the English parliament in the 1730s. These acts raised the price of gin, opening a black market of illegal production, and the cat display was a “discreet” way for patrons to know if an establishment sold gin. To make Tom Cat Gin, the distillery takes their original Barr Hill Gin and ages it for 4 to 6 months in American oak barrels. It is bottled at 43% ABV. Made Using Raw, Organic Vermont Honey, This Gin Is A Celebration Of One Farmer’s Special Connection To The Land.

Barr Hill Reserve Gin is crafted by then maturing Barr Hill Gin for three to four months in new American oak casks. “While resting in the barrels, the gin is constantly transforming,” says Hardie. “The charred barrels contribute to the brown color of the spirit and give our Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat its complex flavor.


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