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Brugal Xv Ron Reserva 750ml
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Brugal Xv Ron Reserva 750ml


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Brugal Xv Ron Reserva is a unique blend of rums that combine rums aged 3 to 8 years in White American Oak Casks (Former American Whisky) and rums aged 2 to 3 years in ex Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks. The result is a perfect marriage of dry rums with exceptional smoothness and flavor.

This Rum gets its special flavor through the nuances of cinnamon and almonds, which gives a spicy and wood-like note without losing its adequate sweetness. A well aged, well blended rum from top Dominican producers, Brugal. To create the XV, they use a selection of ex-bourbon casks and casks which have previously held Pedro Ximénez Sherry, aged between 3 and 8 years.

Brugal Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum promises a refreshing drink for relaxing moments in combination with fresh apple and lime juice. Optical garnish is a narrow slither of apple on the rim of the glass. The long and slender easy to grab bottle is clearly labeled and makes a sensible addition to a Rum collection.

Tasting Notes Of Brugal Xv Ron Reserva


Pleasingly oak-y, with chewy caramel, ripe banana and dark coffee. Hints of flamed orange peel and Sherry soaked raisins.


Orange zest, dark chocolate and damp oak at the fore. Quite nutty on the mid-palate, with coffee beans adding to this.


Sweet marmalade, toffee pennies and baking spices linger on the finish.

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