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Brugal Anejo Rum 750ml
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Brugal Anejo Rum 750ml


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Brugal Anejo rum is a blend of rums aged 3 to 5 years in used American white Oak barrels that previously held whiskey and bourbon. The rum is produced in the Dominican Republic by Brugal & Co., a company that was founded in the late 1800s by the Spaniard Andrés Brugal Montaner. Today, the Brugal rum company remains largely in the control of Montaner’s direct descendants.

Brugal Anejo rum is skillfully blended using our reserves from white American oak casks that previously held bourbon, and our distillation process removes many of the heavy alcohols that other rums leave in. The result? A clean, smooth and not-so-sweet spirit that tastes like something you’ll never forget.

Brugal Anejo is used primarily as a mixer and is priced competitively at around £17-20 per 70cl bottle.  The ABV is slightly lower than most branded rum at 38%.  The unusual presentation is actually netting.  I understand this is to enable better grip of the bottle in hot climates.  Clearly it is not something as Englishmen need to worry about!

Brand Brugal
Flavour Citrus
Alcohol Content 38 Percent by Volume
Alcohol Type Dark
Liquid Volume 700 Millilitres

Tasting Notes Of Brugal Anejo Rum

The nose is full of caramel and dark brown sugar, buttery toffee and a little spice with pepper and vanilla. The palate is smooth and rich and rather dry with buttery spice notes and dark sugar, a little oak. The finish is of good length with dark sugar.

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