Breckenridge Px Cask Finish Bourbon -
Breckenridge Px Cask Finish Bourbon
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Breckenridge Px Cask Finish Bourbon


Breckenridge Whiskey PX Cask Finish – Batch No. 2 – 45% ABV

Breckenridge Px Cask Finish once only known for their sourced bourbon, which was proofed down with Colorado mountain spring water, is rapidly expanding their portfolio. This 10-year-old distillery is transitioning to their own distillate, and as a result, a widespread change in their whiskeys is taking place.

Relying less on sourced bourbon, their whiskey now tastes much younger, and the “aged a minimum two years” statement on their labels seems to stick out more. This is a rather drastic flavor profile change, as the brand always tasted like they had been distilling bourbon for years. Before “non-distiller producer” became a better-known term with bourbon drinkers, many thought that’s just what Breckenridge tasted like: a well-aged whiskey indistinguishable from Kentucky bourbon.

Nowadays their products taste younger, but in a way, more authentic. They also seem more open to trying new things as they now release higher proof varieties, private selections, flavored whiskeys, and barrel finished bourbons. It’s been five years since we reviewed their sourced Bourbon, and last year we tasted a private selection. So with four new products in hand, it’s an opportunity to see where Breckenridge Distillery is currently at with their own distillate.


Spice springs from the glass, then followed by pine and barrel oak which slowly overtakes it. Vanilla and maple gently mingle in providing a pleasant and somewhat memorable aroma.


It’s fairly straightforward with caramel and oak dominating the initial palate. Toffee and butterscotch then roll in before notes of youthful grain and malt push through. Slightly buttery and on the sweet side, with overall thin consistency.


Oak dominates on the medium-long finish, which’s punctuated with a dry aftertaste. Basic and straightforward delivery.


This is an easy sipping whiskey, not only because of its proof but also because of its flavors. Classic bourbon notes are on display which will service new bourbon drinkers the most. This isn’t a challenging bourbon, but one anyone can enjoy. It does taste on the youthful side, but not to a detrimental degree. This is because the grain and malt notes work well with the bourbon’s flavor profile. It probably won’t impress seasoned bourbon drinkers, but they will take more notice of how the blend tastes like it favors their own distillate versus sourced stock.

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