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Branson Vs Cognac Phantom 750ml
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Branson Vs Cognac Phantom 750ml


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Blended by 5th generation, family run producer Branson VS Cognac Phantom Raymond Ragnaud, who has been in Grande Champagne since 1860, Branson Phantom represents the finest example of Cognac for anyone to enjoy. Sourced from top vineyards in the Borderies and Fin Bois regions, and then aged for 2-3 years at a minimum, Phantom drinks like a VSOP due to the meticulous care taken at every step. With a golden brown color and notes of light citrus, apple and tobacco, Phantom has a balanced finish that is smooth with just the right amount of burn.

Drinking more like a VSOP than a VS, Branson VS Cognac Phantom has a dark golden color and a note that displays aromas of vanilla and notes of fruit. On the palate, flavors of oak, apple and light citrus come through with an elegant and bold finish.

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