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Bowman Sunset Hills Gin 750ml
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Bowman Sunset Hills Gin 750ml


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Nestled Among The Hills Of The Rural Northwestern Section Of Fairfax County Lies The Original Seat Of The Bowman Family Called Sunset Hills Farm. The Origin Of The Farm Dates Back To 1649 When King Charles II Of England Granted The Land Between The Potomac And The Rappahannock Rivers. In 1852 The 8,210 Acre Tract Was Deeded As Sunset Hills Farm. The Bowman Family Embraced Sunset Hills As A Home Place, Farm And Distillery For Many Years. This Small Batch Gin Is A Tribute To This Historic Site And Its Link To Old England.

Bowman Sunset Hills Gin gin is lesser known but no less notable. The cleanest of the gins tasted, it was deemed by our panel to be classically styled both straight and under the scrutiny of cocktails. It was a universal favorite in an ungarnished Tom Collins; the citrus and sugar brought out the gin’s juniper notes, which were not as readily apparent neat. It fared equally well in a 2-to-1-ratio martini with a lemon twist. But it shone most brightly in a gin and tonic, although a slight flavor imbalance left a strong quinine bitterness on the finish.

Tasting Notes Of Bowman Sunset Hills Gin

Meticulously Distilled In Small Batches With Juniper And Other Botanicals, Sunset Hills Gin Has An Amazingly Light And Smooth Taste. This Gin Is More Like A Slow Walk In The Country Than The 200 Mph Races Over In Richmond. Every Bottle Is Produced By Hand For A Fresh Aromatic Flavor And Smooth Taste That’s Not Overpowering. Drink Over Ice Or In A Martini.

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