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Boondocks 8 Year Old Bourbon Port Finish Whiskey 75cl
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Boondocks 8 Year Old Bourbon Port Finish Whiskey 75cl


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While the initial expressions from the Boondocks 8 Year Old range were similar in style to bourbons but technically American whiskeys, this one is indeed a bourbon! Created by Dave Scheurich, former master distiller of Woodford Reserve, this bourbon was matured for 8 years and enjoyed a finishing period in Port barrels before it was bottled.

A bold Boondocks 8 Year Old bourbon from highly-rated Boondocks, this is a flavorful whiskey lent an impressive depth of character by its finishing in port pipes. Think rich, smooth bourbon flavour run through with oaky vanilla, a whiff of smoke and ribbons of red fruit. Complex and satisfying, it’s fantastic on its own or in a bourbon cocktail.

This Boondocks 8 Year Old bourbon was hand-selected by Boondocks’ Master Distiller, Dave Scheurich. Aged for 8 years upon selection, it was then finished in port barrels.

Boondocks 8 Year Old is rightly feted as one of the best Kentucky distillers, and their 8-year-old straight bourbon, specially finished in port casks, is one of their most complex and characterful expressions. Well-balanced with tones of bourbon, vanilla and raisins, it’s perfect for a bourbon cocktail.

Boondocks 8 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey is incredibly smooth and rich. Finished in used port barrels, the flavor becomes complex. Robust, fruity, and nicely balanced with warm bourbon notes and accents of raisins, vanilla, and smoke from the port barrels. Long finish.


Strawberry bonbons, black pepper, buttered corn, a soft smoky waft or two.


Crunchie Bars, cherry and almond, coffee cake, slightly earthy, a burst of plum juice later on.


Barrel char, juicy ripe fruit persists.

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