Bols Genever Amsterdam Gin 750ml
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Bols Genever Amsterdam Gin 750ml


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Bols Genever Amsterdam Gin is distilled from a malt wine grain base composed of wheat, rye and corn that were fermented alongside juniper berries.  22(!) botanicals are present in total. It is is then rested in oak for a minimum of eighteen months before bottling.

The Bols Genever recipe dates back to at least 1820. However, Lucas Bols— the man behind the Genever— first made genever in 1664. Bols is one of the longest lasting extant spirits brands, period.

Tasting Notes Of Bols Genever Amsterdam Gin


Hints of ginger, beer and baking spice.


 Juniper is present but just a background facet. The star here is the base spirit. The drink is simultaneously spicy and earthy. Baking spice notes segue into hints of fresh pine forest. It has a slight tannic note that in some contexts almost reads as a bit smoky.

Bols Genever Is An Award-Winning Classic Cocktail Spirit That Combines The Mixability Of A White Spirit And The Complexity Of A Brown Spirit, Resulting In A Flavour That Is Like Nothing Else Out There. Rediscovered, It Is Renowned For Its Mixing Qualities And For Sipping; The Original Dutch Ritual Of Drinking Genever Neat In The Traditional Tulip Glass.


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