Blue Run – Reflection 1 Bourbon (750ml)
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Blue Run – Reflection 1 Bourbon (750ml)


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Blue Run Spirits was founded as an ideal –  to create a super-premium bourbon that tasted so rich and smooth it would entice a new generation of enthusiasts, as well as satisfy the most discerning aficionado. Blue Run Reflection 1 is meant to be a reflection of the last few turbulent years. It is a gentle and subtle sipping bourbon, a characteristic the company has made a name for themselves on. They’ve proven their ability to blend – and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have ex-Four Roses master distiller (and Bourbon Hall of Fame member)  Jim Rutledge working for them now. After all, as the birthplace of bourbon in 1789, the Blue Run is steeped in more than two centuries of distilling history. This whiskey benefits the most from slow sipping and reflection, much like its name implies.

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