Blanton’S Gold Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Blanton’s Gold Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 700ml: 51.5%ABV – 103.0 Proof

This barrel of Blanton’s Gold Edition was dumped on 11-12-12 from Barrel No. 118. It was stored in Warehouse H on Rick No. 20. The registered Bottle No. is 176. It is currently only offered in international markets and in some domestic duty-free stores. This bourbon was bottled specially for sale in the U.K. and is only sold in 700ml bottles.


In a word, delicious. Raisins, dried fruit, citrus, and fresh hay shine through. This higher proof version of Blanton’s contains a slight increase in the noticeable alcohol scent on the nose versus the Original Single Barrel Blanton’s, while still offering a delicious refined smelling bourbon. It’s amazing how much of a difference an increase in 10 proof points makes in rounding out a fuller-bodied nose.


The palate on the Gold Edition offers a great mouthfeel and a subtle flavor profile.  Drier than I expected based on my experience with the other bottles in the Blanton’s line up, it’s marked with hints of vanilla, honey, toffee, tobacco, dried fruit, and pepper. The extra proof is more noticeable in the Gold Edition specifically with its pepper profile, which starts as a subtle spicy burn on the back end of the palate and roars up in the finish.


A lingering spice defines this bold finish. A pleasant slow burn engulfs your mouth and builds up the heat as it slowly travels down your throat with each sip. Within that burn, you have flavors of subtle rye, charred aged wood, leather, and honey. A dry heat stays in your mouth for a noticeable time and really prolongs the finish. I was able to “chew” on this finish for several minutes and was really able to appreciate its flavor characteristics.


Blanton’s Gold Edition is only sold to select non-U.S. markets. At 103 proof, Blanton’s Gold Edition comes in 10 proof points higher than Blanton’s Original Single Barrel that you can buy in the U.S., which is sold at 93 proof.

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