Blanco Del Valle Sin Azucar Aguardiente -
Blanco Del Valle Sin Azucar Aguardiente
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Blanco Del Valle Sin Azucar Aguardiente


The creation of the Blanco Del Valle Industry in 1921 was the response to the administration’s need to obtain and arbitrate resources for public investment.

Sin Azucar means without sugar. This strong Colombian national drink will pack a punch however you choose to drink it. The natural flavor is the trademark of this dry spirit.

After National Independence, the Government authorized individuals to produce and commercialize brandy until 1905, the date on which the State again assumed the monopoly, handing it over to the departments.

Around the year 1921, the Industria de Licores del Valle was born, with the help of the Spanish Diego Delgado Zafra, an expert in the field of liquor distillation; It was his responsibility to carry out the work to install the stills that gave rise to his famous Liquor Industry, in an old house, where the Government House, located at Carrera 4 with Calle 14, also worked.

Scented spirits and liqueurs began to be produced and enjoyed prestige throughout the country.
With the cane that they harvest in the Valle del Cauca land, they produce the purest alcohol in Colombia, a raw material with which they later give rise to the Aguardiente Blanco, a very Valle del Cauca liquor because it carries inside all the joy of the region and its people.

Aguardiente Blanco del Valle contains 85% less sugar and 100% pure flavor, its certification of origin and the best ingredients certify it.




sweet aroma product of sugar cane and anise predominant.


Taste marking anise.

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