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Bib & Tucker Bourbon
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Bib & Tucker Bourbon


During America’s Rough And Tumble Early Days, The Term “Bib & Tucker” Was Used To Describe Your Finest Attire, The Kind You’d Wear To A Wedding Or Special Dance. Along Those Same Lines Of Thinking, We’re Putting Forth Our Finest. BIB & TUCKER Is A Delightfully Smooth Bourbon Sporting Notes Of Chestnut, And It’s Crafted With A Sense Of Dedication. That Can Only Come When You Know You’re Making Something Truly Special.


The nose has a very earthy scent to it with notes of leather, barley, chestnut, and grass. It smells on the young side with little evidence that it was aged for six years in a barrel.


Much like the nose, the palate has an earthy base to it. The palate has some hints of cinnamon, however, it’s licorice that stands out the most. Some rye spice rounds out the palate. Overall the bourbon has a generally thin mouthfeel. It also has a very noticeable white dog taste to it. For a bourbon that has an age statement of six years and that also contains some amount of seven and a half-year-old bourbon, it certainly doesn’t taste like it.


As is the overall norm with this bourbon, earthy notes of pine and grass with licorice dominate. These notes stay with you for the entirety of the semi-dry, medium-length finish.


This is definitely an interesting bourbon. It didn’t have a flavor profile that immediately made me love it, but it had enough curious elements that piqued my interest. Its flavor profile is definitely different than most bourbons, which probably doesn’t make this a great bourbon if you’re new to the spirit. For a seasoned bourbon drinker, Bib & Tucker is going to be a “sorta like it” or “hate it a lot” bourbon. I don’t see it as a bourbon people are going to fall head over heels for. The flavor profile just isn’t at that level. But because of its very unique flavor, some people might be intrigued, while others are going to downright hate it.


At a price of $55 and a flavor profile that can be very polarizing, it’s a pretty costly gamble you’re taking buying this bourbon on the off-chance you’ll like it. The flavor alone will keep this bourbon from being an everyday bourbon, so what you’re hoping to get from this, is something to break out from time to time to mix things up. If this is the case and Bib & Tucker becomes known as a special occasion bourbon, then maybe $55 will become an acceptable price for it.
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