Bhakta 50Yr Armagnac Brandy 750ml
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Bhakta 50Yr Armagnac Brandy 750ml

$724.98 $652.48

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Named for King Arthur Pendragon, master of Excalibur, this barrel pays homage to discovery. Whether drawn from a stone or a cellar, it narrates the power within a mythic asset. Armagnac from France was our founder’s. Our 50 Year blend can be yours.

Lovely nose of honey and butterscotch. Initial notes of floral citrus and vanilla, with just a hint of peat. Islay smoke enters later, circulating on the palate with a deep oakiness. Finish is spicy, with white pepper to complement final notes of caramel and plum.

The Bhakta Method: 6 STEP PROCESS

Blending and finishing is a true art. Raj happened to have his eureka moment when he stumbled upon an Armagnac that had been finished in a whisky barrel on account of a lost bet.

1. The Long Sleep

After 50+ years in oak, the Armagnac is placed into 30L glass containers called “bonbonnes” to stop the aging process and preserve the quality of the eau-de-vie.

2. Preservation

The freshly-distilled Armagnac is carefully selected by the cellar master, who chooses a 400L oak barrel to commence its first years of aging.

3. Master blending

The different vintages are blended in large barrels called foudres, with volumes of 2,000-8,000.

4. Scotch Finish

After blending, the brandy enters 200L Islay Whisky casks for a 2-week primary finish.

5. Fresh finish

For a final finish, the blend is returned to a 400L Armagnac oak barrel to soak in fruity flavors for 1 final week. Fresh fruit notes vary for different batches, from pear and apricot to prune and plum.

6. Hand Bottling

The final package is assembled in VT by the Bhakta Farms team. The bottles are filled, the labels applied, and the boxes are handmade onsite. The buyer receives their brandy with a storytelling booklet and an invitation to join our mission.

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Category Brandy
Region France, Brandy
Brand Bhakta
Alcohol/vol 40%