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Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey
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Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey


Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey is the first release from Nelson’s Green Brier after the distillery went silent for Prohibition. Charlie and Andy Nelson discovered the site of their great-great-great grandfather’s distillery during a family trip and decided to start up the family business again. The Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey is made in very small batches, only 4 barrels each, and has a high rye content, based on the original family recipe. The horses on the label are a tribute to the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville (one of them even had a filly named Bourbon Belle.)

Very balanced and smooth, with caramel corn sweetness, orange, vanilla and just the right touch of leather. The percentage of rye makes for a spicy finish, with lots of allspice, pinecone and black pepper. Bit of an astringent tickle, but not mad at it.


The nose begins with a hint of oak and rye spice. This quickly transitioned to an aroma much like freshly brewed sweat tea and raisins. A very attractive nose. Adding water to the pour ramps up the sweetness. Honey and caramel become present with subtle hints of brown sugar.


Mouth feel is very light and slightly oily. Detected tastes of citrus fruits and allspice – a very refreshing glass. As the bourbon moved back toward mid-palate, the taste of leather became more apparent. Addition of water softens the mouth feel a bit. Really added sweetness as a flavor profile of oatmeal raisin cookies developed.


Long finish, however extremely smooth. No burn was present on this one. Hint of sweetness comes through at the end. Also present is a light taste of melon, like honeydew or cantaloupe, in the finish. Again, unbelievable refreshing for a bourbon. Adding water did not change the long smooth finish or flavor profile of this bourbon.

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