Becherovka Herbal Bitters Liqueur 750ml
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Becherovka Herbal Bitters Liqueur 750ml


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Becherovka Herbal Bitters is produced in the Czech Republic from a secret recipe that is so secret only two people know the exact ingredients. nbsp;There is thought to be approximately 34 different herbs that give Becherovka its distinct taste and of these, anise and cinnamon are the most noted. nbsp;The alcohol content is 38% ABV (76 proof).

Becherovka is usually served cold and often served with tonic water in a popular drink called a “beton” (BEcherovka+TONic) which also happens to be the Czech word for “concrete”.

Becherovka is also widely considered an aid to digestion and is a popular post prandial. Some even use it as a home remedy for arthritis.

The Becherovka Distillery is located in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in the West Bohemia.

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Category Liqueur
Region France, Cognac
Brand Becherovka
Alcohol/vol 31%