Basil Hayden Caribbean Cask Reserve Rye


Basil Hayden Caribbean Cask Reserve Rye is the fourth release in the Basil Hayden’s rye line. This release is made by blending an 8 year old Kentucky rye, 4 year old Canadian rye (Alberta Distillery), and Black Strap Rum together. 

Basil Hayden Caribbean Cask Reserve Rye – This is a blend of 8 yr KY rye whiskey and 4 yr Canadian rye whiskey. This unique blend is finished with black strap rum for a toasted oak flavor that is complemented with spice and sweetness.



Appearance / Color

Medium Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell

The Spirits has a distinct aroma of brown sugar, smoked oak, and caramel. Sweet rich molasses notes are instantly noticeable and quite dominating. Inhaling deeply reveals trace amounts of oak, vanilla, and random touches of blueberries. Due to the low proof and the fact that the molasses scent is so dominating, it would be hard to discern what this is if handed to you blindly.

Flavor / Taste / Palate

The flavor profile leans toward Rye Whiskey, but adds turbinado sugars, fresh cut wood, and an exotic fruit note that’s hard to pinpoint. An overly sweet molasses note hits first and comes across as slightly artificial. Like the nose, molasses dominates, but is now mingled with wet oak, baking spices, and a hint of vanilla.


The finish is medium length and warm. A simple combination of oak, vanilla, and molasses. The vanilla quickly fades away followed by the oak a little while later. The molasses, however, lightly lingers for an incredibly long time.

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