Barrell Whiskey American Vatted Malt 117.5 Proof -
Barrell Whiskey American Vatted Malt 117.5 Proof

Barrell Whiskey American Vatted Malt 117.5 Proof


Barrell Whiskey117.5 Proof is Barrell Craft Spirits’ first release in the category. The Scots historically referred to the combining of single malts to make a scotch as “Vatting,” and the name pays homage to the Scots’ traditional terminology which has since been replaced by the term “Blending.” Comprised of eight different American single malt whiskeys from six different U.S. states, the majority are craft distilleries not typically providing a component within another company’s blend. 

Classification: Whiskey

Company: Barrell Craft Spirits

Distillery: Distilled in New York, Texas, Indiana, New Mexico, Washington & Arizona (Includes, but is not limited to, Balcones Distillery, Hamilton Distillers Del Bac, MGP, Harvest Distillery, Santa Fe Distillery, and Kings County Distillery)

Release Date: August 2019

Proof: 117.5

Age: 1.5 – 8 Years

Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley

Color: Orange Copper

Tasting Notes Of Barrell Whiskey117.5 Proof


Licorice, raisins, and baking spices rest on a bed of malted barley. A hint of smoke is also present. The proof is hidden behind the rich scents, though a trace of ethanol peeks through. Interesting and inviting.


Chocolate, tobacco leaves, lightly roasted malt, and seasoned oak alongside sweeter butterscotch and anise notes are the first to grab my attention. They fold over one another comprising the base. A smoky element further complements these flavors, and is joined by a nuttiness which helps round things out. The proof is well hidden, but shows through in the richness of the sip. It offers a creamy mouthfeel, making for a superb palate.


Spice pops first in the long finish, with raisins and anise lingering after the initial spike. By comparison, the finish is less complex than the palate, but still enjoyable overall.


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