Barrell Batch 001 Cask Strength Rye 750ml
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Barrell Batch 001 Cask Strength Rye 750ml


Barrell Craft Spirits Rye Batch 001
Distillery: Sourced From Distilleries In Indiana & Tennessee
ABV: 58.5%
Proof: 117
Age: 4 Years 6 Months

We Set Out To Do Something Different And Unconventional With Barrell Rye Batch 001. We Combined Sweeter Malted Barley Rye Barrels With Spicier High-Rye Barrels To Create A Unique Flavor Experience. Batch 001 Is A Rye Whiskey That Touches On Everything We Love. It Evolves In The Glass, Punches Hard With Its Proof, And Finishes Long And Lean. Like All Our Whiskeys, It’s Cask Strength And Never Colored, Flavored, Or Diluted.

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