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Barbancourt White Rum Haiti 750ml
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Barbancourt White Rum Haiti 750ml


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Barbancourt White Rum Haiti – Double distilled of sugar cane juice and aged four years producing an aromatic perfume which presents itself initially in taste. The sweet start transitions into a blunting spiciness and strong ending. Enjoy in your favorite cocktails. A light white rum from Haiti’s Barbancourt, made using sugar cane juice to produce a strongly flavoured rhum in the agricole style that’s equally at home in cocktails or sipped neat.

Known the worldover as “the rum of connoisseurs” following a centuries-old tradition that grew from the French methods of creating cognac and is unparalleled in quality and taste. Distilled from sugar cane juice, this light, young rum possesses light perfume and subtle spicing. The white rum from Barbancourt. Very very  Much heavier taste compared to any other than  white rums, Barbancourt White approaches the flavors of French rums due to distillation proof and which which is lower than that for most molasses based white rums.
Perfectly clear and colorless. This young rum develops immediately an intense aromatic richness, with soft notes of banana, mango and nougat. The palate entry is primarily sweet, it is very coating; by mid-palate there is an appearance of a dominant sharpness, a nice spicy force. It is then that the fruity aromas smelled by the nose are expressed, with great frankness and determination. The finish is strong, slightly astringent, showing with great finesse the intricacies of a rum that has been distilled remarkably.
BRAND : Barbancourt
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