Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old Scotch Whisky -
Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old Scotch Whisky 750 ml
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Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old Scotch Whisky 750 ml

$725.00 $652.50

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Ardbeg 19 Year Whisky has a wonderful nose on it. You pick up on the complexities and subtleties. The palate though just was not giving me the nuances I desired that I can usually taste in other Ardbegs. I’m not fully disappointed with it as I find myself wanting to drink it. With water, it’s more palatable. It is a classic Ardbeg, but I just couldn’t get the notes Dr. Bill Lumsden, its creator, put out.


Tasting Notes Of Ardbeg 19 Year Whisky

Nose: On the nose, faint ripples of sweet wood smoke and tart crème fraîche flow gently into bold notes of savoury fennel, celeriac and roasted tea leaves. Plunge further and discover alluring aromas of charcoal and lightly burnt toast. A splash of water releases a gust of fresh sea spray, followed by eucalyptus oil and pine. Finally, this irresistible nose ends with an unmistakable top note of saddle soap and leather.

Palate: An intensely salty mouthfeel shifts like the tides into soothing medicinal notes, followed by salted peanut brittle, smoked pineapple and lime juice. Waves of aniseed lap over the palate, before rich fudge, birch tar and peat smoke crash down wildly. This is a dram that coaxes you in, and all assumptions are best left behind. Simply let this alluring spirit surprise and delight.

Finish: Savoury and smoky notes collide in a sharp, intense, yet satisfyingly long finish.

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