Ararat Vaspurakan Brandy 15 year old -
Ararat Vaspurakan Brandy 15 Year Old 750ml
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Ararat Vaspurakan Brandy 15 Year Old 750ml


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Smooth brandy with a rich bouquet, combining nutty and spicy tones with an intense old port wine aroma. It is characterized by mellow wood characters and a pleasant aftertaste. Ararat Vaspurakan Brandy 15-year-old brandy was a favorite of Sir Winston Churchill.

A 15-year-old brandy produced in Armenia from local grapes. It’s very popular at home and we’re pleased to have finally got some over in the UK.

The fifteen-year-old Vaspurakan opens the range of old Ararat brandies. Its bouquet is a harmonious combination of spice, coffee, and woody aroma and a soft, delicate taste with a pronounced sweetness of Armenian dried fruit.

Armenian brandy remains a product made from Armenian varietals following a regulated production method. Only local grape varieties are used based on the unique microclimate of the Ararat Valley. These include special endemic varietals that are no longer planted outside of Armenia.

In all, there are about 13 such varieties, with the main ones being Voskehat, Garan Dmak, and Kangun. Once harvested, the grapes are loaded in special horizontal screw presses where berries are pressed in a very gentle way to avoid causing damage to seeds. Different varieties do not get mixed.

Testing Notes:

Intense amber color with a tinge of “old gold”. Bright, elegant, and complex aroma with shades of spices, oak bark, and dried fruit. In the end, one can feel the tinges of the balm. Rich, complex, complete, astonishingly mild, and rounded taste. Light sharpness at the end is smoothed by clearly expressed sweet notes. Long and noble aftertaste.

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Category Brandy
Region Armenia
Brand Ararat
Alcohol/vol 40%

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Weight 750 lbs