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Ararat Nairi 20 Year Old Brandy 750ml
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Ararat Nairi 20 Year Old Brandy 750ml

$204.98 $194.73

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Ararat Nairi 20 Year Old Brandy

Ararat Nairi 20 Year Old is labeled after the legendary Nairi people who inhabited the Kingdom of Urartu that stretched along the shores of Lake Van. The “Country of Rivers”, a rival of the Assyrian Empire, consisted of 23 affluent regions.

Thousands of years ago in the Armenian highlands, there was a land with crystal clear springs, thick forests, clean and ripping streams, grass-covered mountains, steep gorges, and fertile valleys. The neighboring peoples called that land nairi. It was here that the state of Urartu, the direct forerunner of Armenia, was born.

Beautiful deep dark amber color. Pleasing glow and spotless transparency. Harmonious, silky, complex, and refined texture. Balsamic fragrance and transition to cedar tones. Rich and complex taste with a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste. A refined combination of fried bread and cloves is counterbalanced by tinges of cinnamon and honey.

Made by the Yerevan Brandy Company, Nairi is a 20 year old grape brandy from the Ararat range. It is produced in Armenia.

The twenty year old Ararat Nairi is the oldest and deepest in the Ararat range. Its noble, multi-faceted bouquet is perfectly balanced with spicy hints of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey, and light peppercorn.

The celebration of victory, achieving cherished goals, are the moments Ararat Nairi brandy was created for. This sophisticated blend perfectly emphasizes the significance of the achievement and is a perfect gift for a true victor.

Appearance / Color

Dark bronze.

Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Rich and dense with pine nuts, honey, florals, and peppercorn.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

More nuts and honey with complex notes of cinnamon, clove, rye bread, and almond butter.


Long and drying with cedarwood and warm spices.

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