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Ararat Dvin
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Ararat Dvin


The legendary Ararat Dvin is a grape brandy from Armenia. Sir Winston Churchill tried it and liked it so much that the producers shipped him 400 bottles a year thereafter!

The delightful brandy dvin is the first masterpiece of the Ararat exclusive collection, created in 1945 by marker Sedrakyan, master-blender of the Yerevan brandy company. In the course of its history, dvin received numerous awards, including 13 gold medals won in international competitions. The 50% alcohol dvin is a drink for real connoisseurs who can properly appreciate the unique qualities of a great brandy.

In 2011, Ararat is relaunching its masterpiece in new packaging. The legendary blend named after the legendary medieval capital of Armenia, dvin is the embodiment of a new bright, and modern image. The crown of the arshakids represents a new symbol, the reigning dynasty during dvin’s most prosperous times.

Merchant caravans were a reminder of several centuries when dvin was an important trading center on the great silk road, and one of the greatest cities in the oriental world, known for its incredible luxury. The heritage and wealth of the medieval city are reflected in the magnificence and complexity of this unique brandy.

Thanks to extra-long aging in oak barrels, dvin acquires a rich amber color with nuances of deep mahogany. The subtle aroma of cloves is ideally balanced by the notes of dried fruit, and the bright tinges of forest nuts reveal the spicy, rich flavor of the brandy.


Rich notes of dried apricot and allspice.


Manuka honey and hints of almond. Black pepper, cedar, and cigar leaves. Very complex.


Rich notes of dried peels and a hint of citrus.

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