Ararat 6 Ani Brandy 6 year old -
Ararat 6 Ani Brandy 6 Year Old
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Ararat 6 Ani Brandy 6 Year Old


Ararat 6 Ani Brandy Ani opens the vintage range of ARARAT brandies. Its bright character is revealed in the aroma of sunny citrus and is filled with the rounded taste of dry figs and sweet almonds.

Ararat 6 Ani Brandy the capital of the Bagratuni Kingdom, was first mentioned by Armenian chroniclers in the 5th century as the “City of 1001 churches” or “City of forty gates”. It was already the most important hub of its time for the various caravans journeying along the Silk Road, and the population of Ani reached as many as two hundred thousand people.

The capital of the Bagratuni Kingdom rivaled the greatest cities of the time – Constantinople, Baghdad, and Cairo. Its numerous temples, palaces, and fortifications were amongst the most technologically and architecturally advanced in Europe. The main gate of the city that survived to this day depicts a leopard – the symbol of Ani.

Strong-willed and deliberate, this brandy knows what it’s about. Rich and sweet, both nose and palate sprint headlong into formidable stewed-orange flavors and a fluttering almond aroma. Lively fruit runs into tart acidity and eventually a long, well-rounded finish underlined by gentle cinnamon and delicious dried fig depth. Sip it on its own or add it to a Brandy Sour and revel in its audacity.

Testing Notes:

Amber color with a spark of chocolate. Bright, spicy, and fresh aroma. Light overtones of orange and vanilla with a touch of almond in the bouquet. Intense and long-lasting taste. Clearly expressed sweetness makes it more rounded. Transition to the shades of lemon and dried fig, slightly acidic aftertaste.

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Category Brandy
Region Armenia
Brand Ararat
Alcohol/vol 40%

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Weight 750 lbs