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Produced from the alcohol of grapes and blended with fresh anise all selected with great care, Arak Brun is the world’s most famous arak. It is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar in the very prestigious Domaine des tourelles. Arak Brun is processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation.

It is totally free of methanol, a toxic substance that is commonly found in inappropriately distilled spirits. The crystal clear arak is then aged inside old clay jars situated in the Property’s cellars.

This pure traditional process grants Arak Brun a fine softness and a pleasant taste that makes it a delight to have with Mediterranean plates.

Named after François-Eugène Brun, Arak Brun might be the world’s most famous arak! Its production has been uninterrupted since the inception of the winery in 1868. It is made from the alcohol of estate-grown Obeidi and Cinsault grapes, harvested at optimum ripeness, and blended with fresh anise.

Since 2015, Domaine des Tourelles grows its own anise in Deir el Ahmar, a village in the district of Baalbek. Their arak is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar, processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation in traditional alembics, and aged in clay jars. Arak is not sweetened. Serve with water – ice can be added.

Arak is a traditional Lebanese spirit consisting of grape alcohol and anise. It is the result of a triple distillation process using the alembic still. Arak Brun, internationally recognized as the most prestigious Lebanese arak, is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar at Domaine des Tourelles winery (Bekaa Valley).
Aged for one year in artisan clay jars, Brun reveals its best taste when mixed up with water. This bottle will perfectly pair your Mediterranean dishes as well as your aperitif cravings.
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