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Aperol Aperitivo 1L
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Aperol Aperitivo 1L


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Among the canon of Italian spirits, Aperol and the Aperol Aperitivo cocktail are classics, available at a growing range of America’s best bars. The lurid red hue is recognizable from across the room. It’s light on every count-in terms of alcohol content, sweetness level, and texture. The gentle sweet-bitter profile goes down easy-especially when lightened with bubbles.

Testing Notes:

Sophisticated and delightful aromas of tangerine and rhubarb. The palate entry is delightfully citrusy and sweet; the midpalate phase offers just enough herbal bitterness to balance. Ends up refreshing, orangey sweet, and delectably herbal. This deserves to become a popular pre-dinner quaff.

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Its orange is unmistakable, a vibrant color that lights up your toasts and adds extra joy to the moment. Everything else is brought to the table by the inner lighthearted spirit of Aperol Aperitivo the same spirit that spontaneously gathers people together and sparks nothing but good vibes. This spirit is also contagious: it’s difficult to hold back from enjoying a toast with friends, one orange sip at the time.

Perfect matches with food. Your aperitif moment just turns into perfection when enjoying your Aperol Spritz with some snacks and appetizers that effortlessly match. The aperitif ritual born in Veneto sees the Aperol Spritz served with some traditional snacks called ”Cicchetti”, small dishes that usually include tiny sandwiches, plates of olives, and tiny portions of local dishes.

Although throughout the years Aperol Spritz became a versatile drink suitable to different types of food and moments, from a quick toast after a long day to those relaxed brunches we’d all love to have on a Sunday morning.

Category Apéritif
Region Italy, Veneto
Brand Aperol
Alcohol/vol 11%

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