Anis Chinchon De La Alcoholera Dry
Anis Chinchon De La Alcoholera Dry
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Anis Chinchon De La Alcoholera Dry

$88.98 $80.08

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Anis Chinchon De La Alcoholera Dry

Anis Chinchon de la Alcoholera is a drink made in the village of Chinchón in Madrid. Its production method is 100% natural and traditional, which gives it an authentic quality.

An ideal drink for an aperitif or after-dinner drink. Its sweet and intense flavor, but at the same time less strong than other brands, makes it pleasant and easy to enjoy.

Alcohol Volume: 37%
Liquor Style: Aniseed
Country: Spain
Brand: Anis Chinchon

Tasting Notes

On the nose, you will perceive an intense and clean aroma that is typical of distilled aniseed.
In the mouth, you will feel the sweet and warm taste on the palate, the warmth typical of the purest eau-de-vie in its production, but with good body and aniseed.

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