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Alpha Gold Premium Vodka is produced in Russia. According to the marketing literature, “alpha” is a level of distillation purity. To us, this signals that while vodka must be distilled to at least 190 proof to qualify as vodka “alpha” suggests a higher level of alcohol content or “fewer impurities.”

Very smooth vodka in my view with just with a bit more body than other European vodkas. Typical of really good French vodkas if that makes sense. Also very reasonably priced & in a beautifully presented bottle.

It also suggests an extremely neutral taste, lacking any flavor from the wheat grain base.

One of the finest bargains currently available in the vodka aisle. Alpha refers to the level of distillation obtained in making this product, in that Alpha Gold is distilled to as close to purity as you can get. The result is one incredibly easy drinking vodka.

Extremely crisp and clean devoid of any off flavors you might taste in a lesser brand. A perfect option for mixing, but also a wonderful option for drinking neat or on the rocks.

Made from superior quality beneficiated mineral gypsum, this is a premium quality high strength and low expansion extra hard dental stone. Specially developed for casting of models, inlays, crowns and bridges. It is engineered to produce rapid strength gain and easy release properties, permitting short processing time.

Alpha Gold Premium has the unique ability to produce micron level detailed reproduction of substrate and to give extra hardness with ultra smooth surface. Additionally, this stone is designed to give bubble free flawless casts required for precision work.

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