Adirondack 601 Small Batch Bourbon -
Adirondack 601 Small Batch Bourbon

Adirondack 601 Small Batch Bourbon


Adirondack 601 Batch Bourbon  unusually smooth Bourbon is born from 100% local corn. A hint of natural sweetness on the nose, it develops a depth on the palette with hints of vanilla, raisin with a spicy peppery finish. You know it’s whiskey but without the burn. Try it straight up or with a drop of water to “open up” the fragrances. Located in Utica, NY, Adirondack Distilling Company was founded in 2011 by an unlikely trio – a doctor, a lawyer, and a political consultant.

Among the 65 and undoubtedly growing New York distilleries, Adirondack 601 Batch Bourbon started in 2011 with vodka. Recently, Adirondack released 601 Bourbon which pays homage to the address of their distillery (601 Varick Street, Utica, New York). As with many craft distillers, Adirondack uses only local ingredients.


In a glass, 601 Bourbon appears light honey brown, indicative of a young whiskey bottled at a relatively low proof. In addition, it seems that Adirondack does not chill-filter 601 Bourbon, as some light sediment (possibly fatty acids) is visible in the whiskey.


On the nose, 601 bourbon includes light notes of sweet corn and vanilla that give way to faint hints of pecan. Overall, this bourbon emits a very light aroma.


On the front of the palate, the sweet corn note from the nose dominates. In the mid palate, the sweet corn note diminishes, and a light bitter note of dry oak balances the flavor. For the finish, the sweet corn and dry oak notes continue, while a light pepper note leaves a slightly dry finish.

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