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1920 Brandy

1920 Brandy


Brandy 1920 is produced and bottled in the northern town of vila nova de Gaia by the Symington family estates. It first appeared on the Portuguese market in the 1940s as “Aguardente Velha 1920” (“Old brandy 1920”). It did not become “Brandy 1920” until 1994 when new EU legislation was applied in Portugal.

This brandy is distilled from the best wines found in the region. It is matured in oak casks for two years giving it a dark golden color. It has a very smooth taste with a touch of vanilla and a slight wooded aroma. An excellent after-dinner drink served on its own or on the rocks.

This spirit 1920 is gently matured in oak casks it has a golden color. It has a smooth taste and subtle flavor.

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