Vintage Wines, Looking for a Wine Gift? Here We Are With Some Vintage Wines!!!

Looking for a Wine Gift? Here We Are With Some Vintage Wines!!!

Are you wandering out for ages now in search of the best wine for your dearest oenophile? Do you still get confused about whether to pick a plain bottle of refreshing Cabernet or rather go for an exuberant wine gift basket? If yes, then you need not worry now as we have the best wine gifts listed on Send Gifts. From a box of crackers to yummy pistachios; there is a lot that has been added to these baskets wine. You can now have a look at the souvenir (we surely call them that) wines that we have got onboard for you. We hope that you too would love to sip in these amazing wines that we have. Now let us begin with it!


For all the red wine lovers, Cabernet can certainly be the king of wines. The grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon are smaller in size and also thick-skinned. The thick skin of these grapes results in the deep color of this wine, as it adds a lot of tannin to it. The flavors of Cabernet can certainly vary from one region to another. The finest Cabernet wine gifts usually tend to have a rich hue, and strong flavor. They are flavorful when young, specifically when they have been aging in oak, and often take a couple of years to soften before we can enjoy drinking them. Classic varieties of this Chardonnay include black fruits such as blackcurrant, as well as aromatic cigar boxes, cigarettes, and coffee.


Merlot is a type of red grape grown all over the world, but most typically associated with the vintage wine of Bordeaux, especially in the right bank regions of Pomerol and Saint-Émilion. Merlot’s wine has been dominated by the scents of berries be it the raspberry and blackberry. Other than this, the violet and wild plums are also some of the most loved flavors. Many of them have found it in the high notes of coffee and cocoa. Flavors of figs, cocoa, truffles emerge with age. There is a variation in the taste of Merlot in areas of distinct climates. In hot countries, the wine would be more aromatic and alcoholic.


Since the sugar is mainly transformed into alcohol, Chardonnay is a dry wine with a small touch of sweetness. Part of the chardonnay is slightly acidic, and the entire body gives it its characteristic deep and smooth appearance. When fermented in a barrel, Chardonnay can be mildly tannic, giving it a woody taste. Chardonnay can be considered to be the best when you want to deliver wine to your dear ones.

Hopefully, we have listed the best wines that you can get at Send Gifts. Next time whenever you are looking for a wine gift, head on to our website and order it asap. We deliver it at your doorstep with the reliable Send Gifts liqueur delivery. So, hurry up and make the best choice before it is too late!

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