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agardi, Agardi

Agardi Liqour Gifts

Juicy and full flavored fruit are reflected in the taste of Agárdi Miraculum label pálinkas. ’Miraculum’ stands for miracle: the transformation of the Hungarian fruit into an incredibly clean, fabulous fruit brandy is a miracle indeed. Order  Agardi fruit Brandies to experience the magic from send.com!

  • Agardi Palinka Apple Brandy Oak Aged

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  • Agardi Palinka Apricot Fruit Brandy 375ml

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  • Agardi Palinka Gypsy Sour Cherry Fruit Brandy

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  • Agardi Palinka Moscato Grape Brandy

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  • Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy


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  • Agardi Palinka Tokaji Muscat Blanc Grape Marc Brandy 750ml

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Agardi Fruit Brandy

agardi, Agardi

Near Agárd, capital of Lake Velence resort there is a manor surrounded by fruit trees, where spicy sour cherry, apricot, ripened plum, juicy cherry and many healthy fruit scents delight the visitors. This place, Sreiner manor has been the home of Agárdi Distillery for 15 years!

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